Benefits of Flight Attendants - list of benefits of US airlines

The Cabin Crew Salary differs according to many factors. Different airlines will have different pay system. It also depends on the regions you are working, in US and Europe will be different from India or South East Asia.

The salary also depends on your position and year of service.

The pay structure is normally divided into:

1. Basic Pay - normally low

2. Flying Benefits - overtime, travel allowances, free transport to work

3. Crews benefits - free clothings, accessories allowance, laundry, makeup etc.

4. Other benefits - language proficiency allowance, higher education allowances

Basic salaries - around £15,000 a year, including a flight allowance, which is payment for every hour that is worked away from base. Average annual holiday entitlement is 30 days. Working hours around 75 - 85 hours per month are spent in the air plus about the figure on the ground, in pre- and post-flight briefings,training and report writing .


Air Asia RM 4100- 4300

MAS RM 3500 ( narrow ) to 6000 ( widebody )

SIA ( SGD 3500-4500 )

USA - $20K-50K
           as per payscale

Cathay Pacific (Hkg14000 - 18,000) per month.

Those above are starting pay and may rise as you work longer in the company.

Non- monetary Benefits  
There are a number of other benefits which depend on the company your are working with.  Listed are some of them...
- Travel benefits - The airline sells the travelling facilities, and the staff are given the chance to utilize the travel benefits. This can be an annual free tickets, discount tickets and interlines benefits. A local company in Malaysia gives one annual free ticket per year, plus 4 conformable tickets and unlimited discount tickets. The discount can be, the staff has to pay 10% of the price + loading.
- Travel opportunities - The opportunity to visit other countries while working.
- Chance to network- You have a good opportunity to build up social connections which can be useful for your future career.


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