Monday, April 22, 2013

pramugari garuda 2013
Updated 23 Apr 2013
It look like Garuda is on an extensive expansion mood. More opportunities for Indonesians to become a cabin crew.
There all about 14 locations where the interviews will be conducted.

The first is the recruitment in Jakarta.

 This is taken from Garuda Web Site..23 Apr 2013.

#PositionDate Posted Deadline
1.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN JAKARTA (APR 2013)1 April 201325 April 2013
3.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN LOMBOK (JUL 2013)20 March 201330 June 2013
4.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN GORONTALO (JUN 2013)20 March 201323 June 2013
5.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN MANADO (JUN 2013)20 March 201316 June 2013
6.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN PONTIANAK (JUN 2013)20 March 20139 June 2013
7.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN PALEMBANG (JUNI 2013)20 March 20132 June 2013
8.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN YOGYAKARTA (MEI 2013)20 March 201326 May 2013
9.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN PEKANBARU (MEI 2013)20 March 201319 May 2013
10.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN SEMARANG (MEI 2013)20 March 201312 May 2013
11.PRAMUGARI REKRUTMEN MAKASSAR (MEI 2013)20 March 20135 May 2013

The picture is from Garuda Indonesia Web Page

We hope you will be successful and will be flying as pramugari garuda.



English is an international Language and needed if you want to be a crew.


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