The followings are the skills required for a Cabin Crew or Air Hostess:

1. Manage emergency situation onboard
2. Ensure the health and safety of the passengers at all time.
3. Monitor the security status on board.
4. Maintain Cabin Systems on the aircraft.
5. Operate the aircraft equipments and system.
6. Provide the inflight services, Quality Customer service
7. Perform the inflight sales
8. Provide the medical care and advice.
9. Provide the relevant information to the passengers.

A. Managing an emergency situation
You need to know what to do in emergency situation. The emergency can be the aircraft ditching (landing in water), crash landing, fire, decompression, evacuation and hijacking.

Some of the skills and knowledge required are:
* smooth communication with the pilots.
* know the locations and how to operate the equipments under difficult situation.
* able to manage the passengers.
*know the standard emergency procedures
* able to work in team

B.  Ensure health and safety of the passengers.
It is the job of a cabin crew to monitor, manage and assist the passengers in health and safety matters at all phase of the flight.
* inform the passengers on the use of safety equipments and the exit procedure.
* monitor and maintain the safety of the passengers.
* maintain and able to operate all the safety equipments.
* perform the first aid procedures on the passengers.

C Monitoring the Security Status
Security is one of the issue in air travel. It is becoming more critical in the few years. Some airline employ plain cloth agents or air marshals flying under cover.

In any cases, whether a security personnel is onboard, the cabin crews are responsible to keep an eye on the passengers. Your company will have a security procedure and check list on what to look for. It include dealings with unauthorised personnel or passengers, suspicious passengers, suspicious items, unclaimed baggage or a sabotage threat

D Knowledge about Aircraft
A cabin crew has to have some knowledge of the aircrafts. I would divide the knowledge of the aircraft into two groups:

a. job related knowledge
b. Customer's relation knowledge

The job related knowledges are taken care by the trainings and the assessments. This is quite focused and specific. The knowledge of the equipments and facilities, their location, the check and test of the serviceability status and how to operate and use them.

The Customers' relation knowledge will be wider and generic. A customer may be curious about the engines of the aircraft and may ask the question.." what happen if one of the engine fails in flight?". Or may be they will be asking about the electrical power on the aircraft, the voltage or the frequency. This type of knowledge takes time to develop.

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