Monday, August 8, 2011

Cabin crew recruitment - what exactly is this job about?

Many passengers may have thought that the cabin crews are there for the sole purpose to serve the travelling passengers. They are not 100% wrong, because without the passengers, there is no reasons for the crews to be around. But the crews are more than a high flying waitress, they are employed mainly for safety.

Airlines would may be viewed as providing good service or otherwise based on the services provided by the crew. This is a special job and it requires the services of special people. Cabin crew personnel far more than glorified tea trolley are pushers! These employees form the Central form of contact between the airline and it offer its customers the service. If a customer an airline is not satisfied, there are many competitors that the passengers can switch to. Cabin crew is responsible for travelers safety and comfort, and this is much more complicated than the straight forward job of serving food and drink.

You are well aware that some passengers may have a fear of flying and their important function is to that deal with emergency safety and the safety of all passengers, particularly in situations. You also help with boarding, any other assistance during the flight and get off. Before the flight itself takes place they be informed of all relevant information and as soon as they are responsible for checking that the aircraft is adequately cleansed and on board is neat as well stocked. Of equipment in the cabin and make sure that it works, check emergency medical care.

Other tasks include contacts with ground staff to load weight and passenger check-in numbers, safe secure hand baggage and check safety belts. The passengers through the in-flight security measures, sale of duty free products, communication between the pilot and passengers, dealing with unruly passengers. in particular, if they interfere with other passengers, documents, and they all help with flight reports and immigration as a team work.

The hours are varied and there is a as far as a typical week goes, this depends on how many flight they are how many employees are available there are no strict rules. You work on a rotation system and hours unsociable and irregular. You have to work holidays, weekends and nights all as a normal part of their week or month. Belong to a cabin crew, are going to be as flexible as the routes of the airlines fly you. While some crew only on domestic flights and other international work, some crew can work both, and many days to spend away from home.

This job offers for both a challenging and exciting work environment, and plenty of time for your feet spent, jet-lag is inevitable! The people who are doing this job are people who really want to do it. But also has great rewards, experienced cabin crew earn good salaries, meet new places and new people see and can be specified, commissions, flight, meal and uniform. And for people with qualifications, care is to say the money is even better!

To be a member of cabin crew team is a very rewarding work, but it is also one of the most competitive. To help increase your chances while the Cabin Crew Interview , just click on the following link: cabin crew interview answers

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