Monday, May 9, 2011

Responsibilities of a member of cabin crew

Cabin crew are historically known as air hostesses and hosts, officers edge or the hostesses and stewards.

Their main responsibility is to ensure the safety of passengers, of colleagues, the aircraft and its equipment. Their duties include: assisting passengers in an emergency evacuation to take place on land or in water, in a cabin fire that might occur in a toilet, General stowage under the seat in kitchens, etc. and survival in an emergency response procedures. Crew are trained to treat problems as serious as heart attacks, child, birth, and suffocation to lesser questions as a bleeding nose, headache, nausea and head.

Secondary duty of a cabin crew member is the customer service and comfort of passengers. Although the customer service is a secondary function, this is essentially what sells passenger air transport operator.

Customer service begins the moment passengers of the aircraft with their boarding passes, are welcome on board and are assisted with their headquarters location and stowage of baggage in hand. Functions include food and beverages, offers articles such as headsets, menus, articles duty free, magazines and many other articles in a friendly, warm and confident manner. You are also expected to help and brief passengers with special needs such as minors travelling on their own, passengers visually impaired and persons with reduced mobility. At the time of use in class cases, you may be required to prepare flat beds binds with blankets and pillows and to describe the capabilities of seat. Parents travelling with babies or children will be informed on what the airline offers to take their flight more comfortable. Customer service ends when the last passenger disembarked from the aircraft.

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