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Pramugari MAS Interview

Updated 27 Oct 2010
Unfortunately no new vacancy for pramugari MAS.

updated 16 July 2011

A series of new interviews had been aligned for the world's best cabin crew, Malaysia Airlines.

The Dates are as follows:

23 July 2011, Kuala Lumpur, at MAS Academy, SS 7/13 Kelana Jaya (steward)

27 July 2011, Penang, at Hotel Royal Penang, Jalan Larut, Penang

30 July 2011, Kuala Lumpur, at MAS Academy SS7/13 Kelana Jaya (stewardess)

Registration 0830 to 1200 noon.


The star had inserted advertisement of the walk-in interviews for the position on Mas stewardess or Pramugari Mas. Mas took the pride to be recognized as the world's best cabin crew for a number of years.

I was looking for a quality or attribute statement of the candidates, and I cannot find any except for ... pleasant personality and genuine customer service. That lead me to deduce that good performance of the crews would be mainly due the training and the working system.

I enclose a video from youtube.


How to be Pramugari MAS
MAS normally will advertise the vacancy in the web page and the related local newspaper. Most of the vacancy are for Malaysian, either for stewardess or the steward. The stewardess vacancy is more often as the ladies will leave the career to have family. However, there are also recruitments made for specified routes, for example, the Japanese recruitments to handle flight to or from Japan. Indian crews were also employed to man the Indian flight. The research had shown that the passengers will be more comfortable with people of the same country and culture.

We has included some free tips and some paid tips, of course the paid tips are more comprehensive as intensive research was done.

The Work for MAS
The pramugari or stewardess will be flying the smallest aircrafts upon graduation, currently is the B737. It use to be the F50 before. Then when there is opening, and with a good records, they will be moving to bigger aircraft. The wide body aircrafts are grouped under one group and the crew may be flying with any of the aircraft. ( note: narrow or wide body is determined by the number of aisles in the aircraft.

Pramugari MAS do have fair chance of promotion. The next level is the leading steward or stewards. For small aircraft, he/she is in charge of the cabin services. The next level is in-flight supervisor. He/she is in charge of the wide body aircraft.

Working Restriction
There are some restriction to pramugari MAS. I think it is normal, that a pregnant woman are not allowed to work as flight crew. Probably there is the medical ground for it.

The other issue that need to be highlighted is, when you start working, you are on contract. It use to be different, it use to be you will join as MAS staff. But once you are a staff it is harder to get terminate in the cases of disciplinary problems. This seem to be the trend in south east asia. SIA is doing the same.

We are putting the advertisements online for easier reference for those who wish to be pramugari Mas or Mas stewardess.

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